1)Keep your pet safe and secure indoors and outdoors.
2)8 Panels with mesh for air flow and visibility.
3)Self closures with removable nylon and mesh zippered top provide easy access to pet
4)Removable top which when installed, protects your pet from outside intruders and also stops it from escaping.
5)Removable base, so easy to clean if any” little accidents”or when put onto grass it can be removed.
6)Pet pen is also strong and lightweight. Great for on-the-go, traveling, visiting friends and family too.

S:Dimensions: Folded: 12 x 18 x 1 inches; Unfolded: 28.3 x 28.3 x 18 inches
Dimension: 28.3 inch(Diameter) x 18 inch (Height). Each panel is 12 inch wide
L:Dimensions: Folded: 23 x 14 x 2 inches; Unfolded: 35.4 x 35.4 x 24 inches
Dimension: 35.4 inch(Diameter) x 24 inch (Height). Each panel is 14 inch wide


Package Includes:
1 x Pet Playpen

Keep your pet safe and protected in this 57″ portable foldable 600D Oxford cloth; Mesh pet playpen fence with eight panels whether it is at home or travels with you! It features eight panels to create a safe place that is large enough for your beloved pet to play around. Mesh insert on each panel allows for ultimate ventilation. A sturdy frame with zipper door provides easy step-through access as well as a durable frame to keep your pet away from unwanted animals outside.
What’s more, this pet playpen is easy to install and can be easily folded into a compact size for ease of storage and transport.
1. Door Dimensions: (19.29 x 24.41)” / (49 x 62)cm (W x H)
2. Color: Blue
3. Material: 600D Oxford Cloth and Mesh
4. Panel Quantity: 8 pcs
5. Unfolded Diameter: 57.09″ / 145cm
6. Unfolded Height: 37.01″ / 94cm
7. Panel Dimensions: (23.23 x 37.01)” / (59 x 94)cm (W x H)
8. Weight: 7.28lb / 3300g

Hey, it’s true for humans, and there’s no doubt about it: pets need exercise, too! A properly exercised pet is a happier,
healthier pet. Especially those that normally require a greater degree of confinement. But even pets that are allowed to
roam widely can’t always be given unlimited space in which to move about, play, and keep those muscles working. That’s
where Tespo play pens come in.

The playpen provided by Tespo is perfect for small animals but not big animals.Interlocking panels give you multiple
combination options which can be made into a 3*3 square, a 2*4 rectangle, or any shape you like. You’ll find whichever
one you choose a great playground for your pet, indoors or out.

Our black Metal exercise pen each panel measures 14″ x 14″ provides over 15 square feet of enclosed area for
small dogs, kittens and rabbits, It will make your pet feels more cozy at the park, Beach, and inside or outside your
home.Set up takes just seconds.

Package include:
Panels X 12
Connectors X 26
Free small hammer X 1
Installation instruction X 1

As with every product we make, our exercise play pens are manufactured to the strictest quality-control procedures.
They’re followed daily during each production operation. Beyond that, we also conduct random, full-scale quality
inspections throughout the year.

Our mission is to help you keep your pet healthy and happy
The Pen provided by TESPO for Pets provides a great enclosure to keep your pet safe and secure while indoors or outside.
It is made from selected resin panels with matching heavy duty plastic connectors,
which provide long lasting protection .
The Pen by TESPO for Pets consists of 12 high quality panels. It can be made into whatever shape is suitable for your home,
whether in the living room or other smaller space. When fully expanded, it can provide your pet with 15 square feet of enclosed play area.
Each pen is simple to set up (no tools required). Physical activity is essential to keeping your pet healthy and happy.
These pens offer your pets the space they need with security you can trust.
The open and interactive style can help pet owners build bonds with their pets easier. Take your pet wherever you go!