This animal car / travel carrier is a good solution for transporting any smaller animals either when out and about or off to the plane.
The detachable shoulder strap which is easy to take on and off and comfortable pad on the widen strap.

The carrier is lovely and bright and really importantly, well made. Very secure and extremely unlikely to break or tear.

The main section of the carrier itself is undone through means of zippers. Easy to operate and unzips smoothly.

The carrier also has two useful large pockets on the front and back which are handy for any small bits and pieces take out.

It looks very smart and you will like the touch of the item. The whole look is almost that of a fashion accessory!

It is worth noting that you should check the measurements of the carrier prior to purchase. Absolutely ideal for smaller dogs, puppies, some cats , even rabbits or other animals.

Pets love this soft carrier with its padded interior.The mat carrier make pets feel unsteady as the carrier is jostled about, increasing their stress level.
Pets are happy to settle down and take a nap in this one, it can be folded flat for storage, this carrier is sturdy and durable.

The floor is firm underneath the padding, so it won’t collapse under even the heaviest cat or dog.

If you’re worried that your pet might “make a dash for it” as soon as you open the carrier, there’s a short leash attached to the inside that you can clip to a collar.

Waterproof material makes it easy to clean inside and out.

Easy-fit adjustable straps keep your puppy safe and comfortable with hand or shoulder carrier.

Magic pad and zipper protect your pets from flopping. Padding panels and removable bottom make it easier to clean.

Is your lovely pet tall and light, or small but heavy? Remember to measure its dimension firstly, a carrier should be a comfortable house for your adorable pet

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