The Sun & Bug Blocker overall is designed to protect your dog from mosquitoes and UV radiation in sunlight in warmer seasons. Thanks to its thin and breathable material, the overall is comfortable and unobtrusive to wear. The flexible material does not restrict movement and makes the overall easy to put on. The Clarian Sanitized finishing is Permethrin-based and it helps to protect your dog from mosquito, horsefly and even tick bites. Long-haired breeds will benefit from the Sun & Bug Blocker overall especially when moving in grass or lush terrain where mosquitoes, ticks and horseflies are often a nuisance. The finishing also protects your dog’s skin from the sun’s harmful UV radiation and sunburn. (UPF 40+) Short-haired and hairless breeds will benefit from the Sun & Bug Blocker overall when exposed to prolonged sunshine at the beach or when walking, boating or hiking. Textiles with a Sanitized finish are dermatologically tested and safe for dogs. The material is machine washable according to instructions. The finishing retains its properties for up to a hundred washes. Sanitized finishing is used in army fatigues, hiking and hunting equipment as well as in tents and sleeping bags.